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Local Rotary Club News
On Saturday, March 5th we baked cookies to support our Brown Bag Lunch Program for area schools. On Monday, March 7th, using product from our Food Rescue Program, we made sweet and sour ham over rice, beef stew, and corned beef hash.  These meals are made in our commercially approved kitchen and then flash frozen to maintain all heath and food standards. 
If you, or someone you know, who may be dealing with food availability concerns and could enjoy a couple of meals, please make arrangements with Our Community Pantry by calling 780-916-8149 or by emailing us at
In recognizing that other Alberta communities were developing programs dealing with Food Security concerns and Food Rescue opportunities, a few members of our Rotary Club of Spruce Grove investigated the need for similar programs in our local community. The result is “Rotary, Our Community Pantry”.
Working with Parkland School Division (PSD) in support of its school lunch program, and with our food rescue partner, North Central, our community owned Co-operative, our Rotary volunteers gather twice weekly at St. Andrew’s United Church in Spruce Grove. We are thankful that St. Andrew’s offered their amazing kitchen, and a separate pantry space, for both our Brown Bag Lunch Program and our Food Rescue Program.
Our Brown Bag Lunch Program is prepared for school children as identified by their school communities, and consists of a fresh sandwich, a piece of fruit, a juice box and a granola bar. These lunches are delivered to local schools twice a week.
Across Alberta, 80% of people with developmental disabilities are unemployed or underemployed.  Inclusion Alberta and Rotary District 5370 have formed the Rotary Employment Partnership to improve this statistic, and if you're an employer or you can talk to your employer about this fact, you can help!
Hiring a person with a developmental disability can make a positive difference to your bottom line and your corporate culture.  On Wednesday, February 9, 2022, please join me for a one hour "Lunch and Learn" session on Zoom to find out more.  To see more of the possibilities and success stories, check out the Employment Partnership's January E-Blast here.
Last year, The Rotary Foundation approved a global grant for construction of a potable water system in the Rio Muchacho valley near Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador.  Our club is an international partner on this project, the second time we've worked with the club in Bahia to bring clean drinking water to a community.  Last week, we received an update from Bill Stumbaugh, the project lead in Ecuador.  Please see his message below and a link to some pictures are videos of the water diversion phase of the project taking shape.
Dear Rotarians,
I´m writing to provide an update to our sponsors about the progress of this Global Grant project, #2119179.
Last month, we began the project construction by successfully drilling a test water well bore 30 meters deep that produced an abundance of water.  However, the water stinks horribly and has a milky color.  Maybe sulfur or some other element...we don't know and opted to not bother to test it.
So, we changed to option B which is to capture the surface water near the point of the river's origin, upstream from 99% of the population.   The work to create the capture point is now in progress.   Some photos are attached.
A pipeline is being laid from the capture point following the river shoreline downstream to the place where the test well was drilled.  From there it will be pumped up to the ridge on the side of the valley where water tanks will be placed to store water as well as create the lift for gravity flow downstream to the distribution network and the homes.
The rainy season has begun.  It will likely mean that at some point, we´ll have to slow down system construction as the dirt roads and river crossings will become difficult and hazardous.  Also, the Omnicron is now here, and more restrictions are back in place.  Schools closed again, restaurants are high capacity, etc.  Hope you are all well.  Any questions you may have will be welcomed.
William F. Stumbaugh, Ph.D.
Past President
Rotary Club of Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador
Rotary Foundation Technical Cadre: Basic Education and Literacy
RPCV, Dominican Republic 1968-70
The Rotary Club of Spruce Grove is putting on a three-day BBQ rib festival in Spruce Grove's Central Park from August 13-15.  The event will feature rib trucks from Gator BBQ, Prairie Smoke and Spice BBQ, and House of Q, plus local food trucks.  There will be talent presentations, live bands Friday night (Brasstactics and Achilles Last Stand) and Saturday night (FlatBroke and My Dog Sam), a show and shine on Saturday, and beer gardens.

This year's title sponsor is RavenWolf Brewing Co. who will be serving a specially branded commemorative beer to signify the kickoff of what the club hopes will become Spruce Grove's premiere community celebration every summer.  The Rotary Club had originally conceived of bringing the event to Spruce Grove in 2020, but the pandemic prevented the plans from going forward.  Plans this year were tentative until the province announced an easing of restrictions for the summer and the club felt comfortable that vaccinations were going in the right direction to help keep attendees safe.  Organizers feel that they can help bring Spruce Grove back together and reinstate vibrancy in the community with this first-of-its-kind event in the region.
Admission is free, and organizers hope to see over 10,000 people take part in the festivities over the three days.  The event opens at 3 PM on Friday and 10 AM Saturday and Sunday.  The activities end at 10 PM Friday and Saturday, and 9 PM on Sunday.  The Spruce Grove Skate Park Society is holding BMX, skateboard, and scooter competitions in conjunction with the event on all three days.  The Spruce Grove Public Library is hosting their 60th anniversary celebrations just next door, including a vendor market, indigenous cultural presentations, and a splash bucket challenge where contestants can try to get local politicians and well-known personalities wet with a pinpoint softball throw.  All three events running next to each other at the same time should mean there's something for everyone throughout the weekend.
General parking is available at Brookwood, Woodhaven, and Broxton Park Schools.  Some accessible parking will be available on the event site as well as a passenger drop-off and pick-up zone.  While there will be seating for hundreds on site, attendees are also encouraged to bring their own chairs and blankets to enjoy the weekend's entertainment on Central Park's grassy areas near the Lion's Log Cabin.  Having the event in Central Park makes it very accessible for anyone who's out and about on foot, on their bikes, or in their cars.  VIP day passes are available for those who want an upgraded experience, including tent-covered lounge seating, on-site parking, a premium private bar, and upgraded washrooms.

Money raised from the event will support the Rotary Club of Spruce Grove's community service programs and partners.  The Rotary Club of Spruce Grove has served the community by constructing amenities, supporting social enterprises, and developing youth through leadership and international student exchange programs in Spruce Grove for almost 30 years
For more information, see or email