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Local Rotary News
From John Oldham:
Recently we donated a small number of backpacks to the Amarok Society. 
In January Gem Munro was in Bangladesh for a month. He took some with him.
Here's a photo of Gem handing out the bags to the women in our school.
Tanyss also made these comments to me in a letter.
“They were delighted, of course
It’s too bad it's such a  poor photo.  Alarmingly bad actually.  We have only 2 good cameras.  Anyway, looks like a photo from 1962, which is sort of interesting :)”

Recently Jan Gillett, became a member of our Rotary Club of Spruce Grove. Welcome Jan.

Jan is a very community minded/service focused individual.

She is the founder and Director of Parkland Pregnancy Support Centre. She is the director of a recently formed body, Late Night Cafe, which supported those in need during our COLD WEATHER.

She is married to Randal, they have 3 daughters and now, 3 GRANDCHILDREN.❤️

She recently completed the Culinary Arts Program at Nait and is a certified food judge for The World Food Championships AND has her Level 1 Certificate in Wine Studies.

Jan is being welcomed by Michael Klassen, Membership Director and Brad Mastaler, Club President.

From Barry Twynam who was there that day, following is a little blurb and photos.  For new members who may not know what this service is, You Can Ride 2 helps special needs kids learn how to ride a bike.  Our club has been a supporter by raising money and donating volunteer hours. 
YouCanRide2 isn’t just about giving special needs kids a bike and teaching them to ride.  It is about the dignity, freedom and fun that most of us take for granted.  It is about finding the right bike, adjusting it to maximize the limited ability some of these kids have and making sure they have an adequate braking system when they decide to take flight.  Many of these kids suffer from conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, spina bifida.  Some of these kids may never walk, but can be taught to ride a bike. It is one of those experiences that you can only truly appreciate seeing the transformation first hand.  From when a parent brings in their child for the first time, in some cases kids screaming and kicking at this strange experience.  You will see at times 4-5 volunteers (most of them physio therapists) hoving around the child taking measurements, making adjustments and at all times reassuring the child along the way.  With their new bike complete the child starts off slow with parents and volunteers with outstretched arms ready to support any misstep.  The expression of joyful tears from parents is priceless soon giving way to the realization they need to chase down their kids as they explore their new found freedom.  Now they can feel like “normal” kids and can share the experience with family and friends.  The impact to the family dynamic is huge.  “Look mom I’m flying”! To know more about YouCanRide2, to volunteer or donate to this important program, go to