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Local Rotary News
From Arlaine Monaghan:
Our Rotary-based  'Connecting With Our Aboriginal Neighbours' interagency Committee gave financial support for Metis historian, fiddlers and jiggers, and a liaison on Day's organizing committee.  Held indoors because of the rainy weather.
1) Women's Traditional Dance competition (note small children in traditional dress who had just competed their dance)

2) Red Dress group--honouring Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
3) Men's Modern Costume and Dance (only 1 entry--but he was incredibly vigorous!)
Last week we had the opportunity to visit the Parkland Food Bank.  Sheri Ratsoy showed us how the Food Bank has become very efficient in distributing food to people in need.  She also showed us the expansion/renovation of the building and how that is making their job easier.  It was a very interesting tour.  Many thanks to Sheri for showing us around and to Shotz Lounge for bringing us our lunch off site.  It was very delicious as always.
Inspector Mike Lokken was our guest speaker last week.  He gave us an update on the new RCMP building, which will now be called "Parkland Detachment".  He also told us about some of the challenges of being a RCMP officer and how the support staff of the detachment are the unsung heroes of policing. 
Thank-you to the Inspector for coming out to our meeting and informing us while entertaining us with your stories.