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The Rotary Club of Spruce Grove has supported our community's well-being and development for more than 25 years.  We have made COVID-19 relief our top priority, and we know what that support looks like is going to change as the weeks and months go by.  Spend some time on this site to see how helping Rotary meet our mission of providing service to others is helping people, organizations, and our community survive and recover from these hard times.  If you can, support our efforts with a donation or contact us to volunteer.
In May, our club continued its financial support for organizations responding to the social and economic problems presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Recognizing our community's strong ties to Ft. McMurray and the compounding effect of the COVID-19 pandemic's consequences have on the flooding that occurred there, the club directed $1000 to those relief efforts.  We also adjusted our plans at the last minute and have held back some planned funding for May as we learned of the Alberta Government CIP grant funding announcements.  We want to ensure we can maximize positive impacts from our donations to agencies to the community by considering how all funders are responding to meet needs.  The COVID-19 Response Committee continues to analyze the developing situation and we will provide another update in June.
Auggie's CafeProviding brown-bag lunches to people needing food support$1,200
Parkland Pregnancy Support CentreProviding baby supplies, consumables and food to families expecting or who have recently had babies$2,000
Disaster Aid CanadaFt. McMurray Flood Relief Fund$1,000
Tri-Community Adult Learning AssociationTables and chairs to support roving Internet connection stations$1,000
TOTAL $5,200
The Rotary Club of Spruce Grove has answered the community's call for support as we grapple with the public health, social, and economic impacts of the COVID-19 public health emergency.  In April, our club members volunteered in many ways to help those in need.  Highlights include picking up hampers at the food bank to deliver them to those who couldn't pick them up for themselves, delivering brown bag lunches to families in need of nutritional support, assisting Canadian Blood Services to ensure their recent donation clinic was healthy and safe for donors, and providing messages of support to front-line workers.
Thanks to our club's financial supporters and the generosity of Rotarians, our club was able to support the following community organizations providing vital relief services to the people of Spruce Grove and surrounding area.
Auggie's CafeProviding brown-bag lunches to people needing food support$4,200
Parkland Pregnancy Support CentreProviding baby supplies, consumables and food to families expecting or who have recently had babies$4,500
Engage Network ChurchProviding food hampers to people needing food support$1,800
Tri-Region Pay Forward Kindness SocietyProviding supports to unsheltered people in the region$1,000
Tri-Community Adult Learning AssociationProviding wireless hubs and devices to households without Internet connections$1,000
Compassionate ConnectionsProviding furniture and household items to families with children$1,000
Parkland Food BankProviding food hampers to people needing food support$1,000
TOTAL $14,500
(received via Anne, member of the COVID-19 Relief Committee)
Good morning Anne.  I wanted to update you on our Laptop initiatives that the Rotary Sponsorship has helped to develop.  I am very pleased to say that TriCALA has secured 2 Smart WiFi Hubs to provide internet service to those who require it along with the use of our laptops.  Also, in partnership with Parkland County Libraries, we have started a new initiative called Tech Drive, where we will take our internet and laptops to where they are needed.  Both initiatives have been made possible with the donation from Spruce Grove Rotary.  We were able to secure the Hubs, purchase tables and chairs, and a portable power supply for our Tech Drive and get both initiatives off the ground.  We are very grateful to your sponsorship to both these initiatives.
Brenda Adams, Executive Director
Tri-Community Adult Learning Association
From John Oldham:
The partnership with our club and the Rotary Clubs of Stony Plain, Parkland After Dark and St. Albert Saint City has been established for the school year of 2021. 
We have applied for matching District Grants. If the District Grants come through we will have grants of 50% of the total cost of $10 000.00 per year for our school. That means $1 250.00 per club. 
I think this is a great model and partnership at a very reasonable cost for the sponsorship of a school.
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