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Teach a Mother... Change the World!
This week at Rotary, Amarok Society co-founder, Gem Munro, is addressing the Rotary Club of Spruce Grove about the society's unique and highly effective model for teaching mothers to teach children in the world's poorest neighborhoods.  The Rotary Club of Spruce Grove and other District 5370 clubs have been partners in supporting several Amarok schools over the past number of years. Join us to find out more about what's happening and how you can help.  If you can't attend in person this week, we are broadcasting Gem's talk live on the web using Zoom.  You can join us remotely using this link:  A recording of the talk will be available afterward, too.
Nominations Are Open!
Our Rotary Club exists only in the hearts and minds of  club members.  The intentions we express through our individual and collective actions create the club!  It's time to consider the question:  What will you do to build the Rotary Club of Spruce Grove? 
We designate our first weekly meeting in December as our club's Annual General Meeting, where we hold elections for next year's executive positions.  Nominations are open for the offices of President 2021-22, Vice President 2020-21, Treasurer 2020-2021, and Secretary 2020-21.  You can learn more about each of these roles in our online Member Handbook.
If you're interested in serving in an executive role, please come to the Thursday, December 5 meeting and indicate your willingness to let your name stand for a particular office.  If you're not comfortable volunteering yourself, ask another Rotarian in the club to nominate you.  Besides the executive positions mentioned above that we elect, our club's board also includes between 3 and 8 directors to be appointed by the incoming president, Anne Montgomery.  Typically, our club has directors for Public Image, Membership, Service Projects, Club Administration, and Rotary Foundation.  If you are interested in learning more about those roles, see the Member HandbookLet Anne know if you're interested in serving on the board as a director in one of these roles.
Your service to the club as an officer or director will ensure The Rotary Club of Spruce Grove continues to be an important builder in our community and our world!
Silly Santa Auction: What is it? What am I supposed to do?
Every year the club holds a small auction at one of our meetings in November (the 21st for 2019) that raises money to buy gifts for the women at Wings of Providence.  Wings of Providence is a second stage women's shelter.  The gifts that are bought each year are a housecoat, a pair of fuzzy socks, a mug, and a little treat for each woman at the shelter.  That number is usually close to 50.  It's a small gesture that brings so much joy to the women there.
So what do you need to do?  First off, if you have a gift that you were given that you know you won't use, wrap that gift up, tag it with a little poem or hint about what it may be (but try to keep it as vague as possible, it's more fun that way) and bring it to the meeting.  You can bring multiple gifts if you like but please try to bring one at least.  Then the gifts are auctioned off and you'll probably not have any clue what you're buying but that's not the point!  It's funny to see what you thought it was and what it actually is.  If you have nothing to auction off, you can still help by bidding and buying, so bring some money or the cheque book.  Maybe bring a guest if you think they'll enjoy the show or potentially buy a gift.  All the money raised goes straight to buying the gifts for the women at Wings of Providence.  
To learn more about what's happening at Wings of Providence, and look on the right hand side for the latest newsletter link.
Invite Your Friends, Co-workers, etc
The invite went out last night for our Rotary and Friends Christmas Comedy Night.  It is being held at Shotz Lounge, starting at 5 pm with cocktails.  Please check your email and register early for this fun night.  Remember it is open to Rotarians, friends, family, co-workers, and business associates who you think may be interested in a delicious buffet dinner and comedy show.  Lets spread the word and fill the Lounge up.  
Notice of Board Meetings
Members of the club are encouraged to attend and observe our monthly board meetings.  For the 2019-2020 year, they will be held on the fourth Wednesday of every month at the clubhouse in Rotary Centennial Park beginning at 7:00 PM and ending at 8:30 PM.  If you can't attend in person, we are also now able to bring you in remotely using Zoom's online meeting software.  The URL for the meetings will be the same from month to month, so you may want to bookmark this address:  Hope to see you there!
Attendance at Weekly Meetings
Just a quick reminder that if you are going to be away and won't be attending a weekly meeting, can you please indicate by clicking the "Can't Make It" Button.  The email comes out on Fridays and is called the "May Rotary Meetings" or whichever month it is.  The email comes from Crystal Desilets.  I use this info for informing Shotz how many people will be there for lunch.  Also if you are bringing a guest could you fill in the "Bring a Guest" button.  Thanks for helping out with this as it's makes my job easier if I have all the information.
Have Information for The Rotary RAP?
Have a Rotary Story, pictures from a Rotary Social and/or information for the Rotary RAP?  
Send me (Krista) an email: by Sunday evenings at the latest so that I can include it in the weekly RAP on Mondays!
Thanks everyone!!!!
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