Rotary not only brings together leaders, it develops them.  Taking on a leadership role in the Rotary Club of Spruce Grove will give you a wider perspective on our world and a hand in creating fun, meaningful experiences for our members to build friendships and take action to create a better community.
Leadership roles in Rotary are big and small.  Every year, the club's projects and administration require many people to take part in planning and carrying out the good work we do.  Leadership can be as simple as helping with one task for one event or as substantial as serving as club president.  Every year, the leadership structure of the club might change to accommodate changing circumstances, but generally, our board consists of the following roles:


The President presides over the weekly meetings of the club and meetings of the club's board of directors.  The President acts with the prior authorization of the Board of Directors to bind the club to legal obligations.  Rotary International provides excellent guidance to presidents in the Lead Your Club manual and numerous online learning resources on My Rotary.


Our club elects its President 18 months before they take office in order to give the elected candidate time to prepare.  At our general meeting in December of every year, a person (usually the sitting Vice President) who is elected President becomes the President-Elect the following July 1.  During that year, the President-Elect sits on the board of directors and works with the sitting President to ensure continuity of leadership, learns about details of the club's operations, and develops his or her capacity to lead.  On July 1 the following year, the President-Elect takes office as President.  A President-Elect can prepare for their role using the resources found here.

Vice President

The duty of the Vice President is to serve on the club's Board of Directors and fulfill all of the duties and responsibilities of the President due to the absence or incapacitation of the President.  The Vice President may be appointed to represent the club in the President's stead at public events and ceremonies.


The club's Secretary serves on the club's Board of Directors, and keeps the records of the club.  These include board and general meeting minutes, membership and attendance records, contracts and agreements, and other records as required by law.  The Secretary assists in planning board business and handles the correspondence of the club, including the receipt and sending of postal mail.  Rotary International's guidance for Club Secretaries can be found here.


The Treasurer serves on the club's Board of Directors and has custody of all club funds.  The Treasurer accounts for these funds to the membership at the annual general meeting and at any other time upon demand by the board.  Rotary International's guidance for Club Treasurers can be found here.


The club's board includes between 3 and 8 directors that are chairpersons of committees dedicated to carrying out the activities and responsibilities of our club.  Often, these areas are separated into Club Administration, Rotary Foundation, Public Image, Membership, and Service Projects.  In advance of each year, the incoming President appoints a number of directors and establishes their responsibilities.  Duties of typical directors and committees can be found here.