Dear Members of Rotary Clubs of Spruce Grove,

It is really a pleasure to send this letter and pictures from your School on to you written by five mothers on behalf of all of them.  In it you will learn how the women have responded to the challenges of Covid-19 which as you can imagine, stressed an already stressed society.  I am amazed at the resilience and the creativity of the women who rose to the challenges.  High on their priority was ensuring enough food and they determined that no one would starve and indeed no one has.  They also went door to door ensuring that people all knew how to keep themselves safe.  In the areas where there is an Amarok School there have been no deaths and its widely recognized it is because of the women educating their community.  Fortunately just before the Schools were closed the women all received training from their Teachers and Amarok Staff.  Even when the schools were closed the Staff kept in touch and provided materials and food.  Really it is true to say that your school is a shining beacon in the slum where it is located.  It transforms the lives of all the women and makes a difference to the entire community.

You will note in the pictures that there has been a Theatre Refresher - workshops presented through the Rotary Club of Dhaka Midtown. The workshop took place in March just before the School was closed.  The women love these workshops and love to present their own skits and plays where they tackle and present various social issues.

We so appreciate all the support you give the School and Amarok Society,

With Warm Regards,

Barbara Melara
From Krista: there are more pictures and some letters but I'm trying to figure out how to unzip them.  If you are interested in more then what I can could include here, send me an email and I will forward John's email to you.  Thanks and sorry about that.