“The Grannies Coat Challenge” (no real animals were hurt in the making of this stunt)
Not a Rotary event but just as fun and with the help of some of my fellow Rotarians.  What started out as a friend helping another friend with a possible seat cover for a motor bike has turned into a significant fund raiser for You Can Ride 2.  Dubbed the “Grannies Coat Challenge” and a bit of an exercise in humility.  Barry Twynam set the wheels in motion for a rather significant fund raiser.  A few months back getting ready for a new riding season I mentioned to my fellow riding buddy (Barry) that I would like to get a fur or plush seat liner for the seat of my bike to soften it up a bit for my long rides.  Barry pipes up “I have an old fur coat that I can give you for this purpose”.  Barry is the “mister has a thing for everything” kind of guy As you know.  He also stated, “I'll bring it by your office”. When he brought the faux fur jacket over to my office, I jokingly slipped it on and the kidding and laughing began. We snapped a quick picture to which I posted it on Facebook just for kicks. This photo led to comments like “Hey I will give $100 to your charity of choice if you will ride with that jacket on your bike from Spruce Grove to the Stony plain Tim Horton’s”. Always one for a good challenge I thought sure (I'll do almost anything for 100 bucks and charity). “The Granny Coat Challenge” was born. I posted a second photo and enlightened several friend’s family and people I work with about how I had been challenged to do “The Granny Coat challenge”. It was at that time that many others jumped on board with equal or greater pledges towards the cause. My always helpful assistant (Ally) also thought it would be a good idea if I don a more pimp type look to the already humiliating granny coat.  Beads, glasses, and the coats and we were ready to go. This past week on Monday April 26 at 3:00 I did the challenge.  Barry as well as Brad took some photos to prove that I had completed my end of the bargain. These photos were posted on Facebook as proof!  At last count it would appear that we have raised close to $1200 for You Can Ride 2. I am very appreciative for everyone that stepped-up pledge, support and to assist in raising these funds.  To Barry for setting the wheels in motion.  For supplying the humiliating and stinky fur coat.  All my friends, family, Rotarians, and business supporters who always take the opportunity to keep me humble. I really had fun and look forward to dropping of a cheque for this great cause some time next week. 
Those that Pledged can e-transfer to my wife Krista@rococohomesinc.ca please also include your address for the tax receipts to be prepared and mailed out from You Can Ride 2.