From District 5370 Governor Betty Screpnek:

We have had some anonymous donors to Polio Plus come forward!!!  This tremendous act results in another match for polio donations.  We can now turn every dollar donated to Polio Plus before December 15, 2013 into two matching streams; your donation and the anonymous matching donation, each being matched 1 to 6.  This is a tremendous windfall opportunity and we are asking for your support.  What an exciting District we live in!  Further, your money goes toward your next Paul Harris Fellow.

Here is how it works:

  1. From now until December 15, the “Anonymous Donors” will give to District 5370 Polio Gonzo Challenge using The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Canada donation forms.
  2. Clubs and individual Rotarians send their donations for Polio to TRF Canada here. 
  3. The Alberta Government Grant (that was announced at the District Conference in Edmonton) matches the combined donation up to a total district contribution of $175,000.
  4. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation then matches the total donation - two to one.
  5. A duplicate match of your donation is contributed from the Anonymous Donors Fund.

Thus a donation of $1,000 is matched by the “Anonymous Donors” and the Provincial Government turns this donation into $4,000.  The Gates Foundation then matches the $4000.00 twice turning it into $12,000.00.Through both donation streams the money is magnified… WOW!!!

To Donate, please use the link to the Rotary website or use the attached TRF Canada donation form.  NOTE:  the TRF Canada donation form is to be mailed to TRF Canada (not to the US address).  The TRF Canada address is The Rotary Foundation, c/o 91160, PO Box 4090, STN A, Toronto, ON M5W 0E9.  My Polio Gonzo mascot is depicted in the photo.  This is an exciting time for Rotary, an exciting time to be a Rotarian!  Imagine turning a dollar into $12.00!!  An incredible opportunity for us all to make a dramatic difference in the Polio Eradication campaign.  Remember this matching money is only available by the Anonymous Donor until December 15, 2013.  Please direct any of your question to J. Ross Tyson, District 5370 Rotary Foundation Chair or 780-819-4910.