Posted by Krista Mastaler on Oct 14, 2018
This past Thursday our club enjoyed a great visit to Jen-Col Construction in their magnificent new complex in Acheson.

Jen-Col was founded by Ron Jodoin in 1978 and is now run by his son, Cory.

Cory was a tremendous host with his presentation of the principles Jen-Col uses as a basis for their business. He stressed to Rotarians that… construction is the ultimate team sport; their job is to get good value for their client; and that they believe they are building a better future.

Rotarians were very taken with Cory’s description of the culture of his business that he is building, one that would be an amazing addition to any business or organization.

While they build throughout Western Canada, they have constructed several of our local buildings, like the Border Paving Athletic Centre, which houses our international quality Aerials Gymnastics Club, the Jubilee Splash Park, as well as two ongoing projects, the Spruce Grove Protective Services building and the Main Street Law building.

Thanks Cory and Jen-Col Construction.

We also enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by Perks Coffee House.


This week's October 18th meeting we have:

Jesse Martineau
Building Community and the Value of People

Come listen to Jesse as he talks about building community and the value of people.  Jesse is a Community Champion and does all the videos for Achieving Community Together.


Upcoming Things to Consider:

October 25th - Club Assembly where we are discussing Tony Zeglen's 4 motions that he brought forth on the club's Honorary Membership Policy.
October 26th- Wine Tasting hosted by Krista Mastaler and Angus Mckenzie at the Mastaler Residence.  Max 20 attendees.  Invitation has now been sent out.  Please R.S.V.P by October 22nd.  Cost is $10/person.
November 1st - Milja Leinonen's Exchange Presentation

Come hear our exchange student Milja present her exchange talk.  Learn more about her, where she originates and what she is hoping to achieve on her exchange in Canada!

November 22nd - Silly Santa Auction

November 23d - Karaoke Night at Dianne Brown's house
December 20th - Annual Christmas Party at Porta Romana.  More info to come.  
Tickets now available from Catherine!  Specific cause that is being supported to be announced soon.