Let's go to Spokane!  This Thursday, we will not meet using our regular Zoom link at 12:00 PM.  Instead, use the link and passcode below to join the "Rotary Club 21" of Spokane, Washington at 1:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time.
Why are we doing this?  Recently, members of our club virtually attended the Rotary Club of Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador, where we have recently completed a Rotary Foundation global grant project to construct a municipal water system in a rural village near Bahia.  We had invited President Bill Stumbaugh and Rotarians in that club to reciprocate the visit, share in fellowship, and present information about another water project they're planning in the Rio Muchacho valley that will provide safe water to about 500 people in 130 families living there.  President Bill indicated that he would be doing a presentation on that project at the Spokane meeting this Thursday, so our executive decided it would be a good opportunity for Spruce Grove Rotarians to take a virtual field trip!
World Water Day is next Monday, March 22, and water projects are near and dear to some members of our club.  When Rotarians Neil Hollands, Brad Mastaler, Angus McKenzie, and Janice Scalzo visited Ecuador in 2011, they toured the Rio Muchacho valley, in particular, and visited one of the sustainable organic farms there.  This Thursday's presentation will give Spruce Grove Rotarians a better glimpse into the circumstances of life in rural Ecuador and the awesome capacity Rotary Clubs working in partnership have to change lives for the better on a massive scale.  Rotarians who have done virtual make-ups at other clubs in the past year can attest to how fun it is to share Rotary in this way.  We hope to see you there!
Rotary Club 21 Zoom Meeting Details
Meeting ID:  842 3937 5370
Passcode:    191121