Note:  Grace was part of the Rotary Group Study Exchange (GSE) Team from Nigeria that we helped host (2009?)

From Grace T. Iyeghe-Erakpotobor via Arlaine Monaghan:

I feel so happy each time I read your mails.  Your concern and care is so moving I can not begin to thank you enough for it.  I am so glad you have overcome the surgery and would soon be back to your active self again.  Please do not mind some of my terminologies because I write to you like I would another Nigerian.  When I say overcome the surgery, I mean you have been successfully operated and are healing well and would soon be fine.

The things happening here are quite fearful and horrifying, but we are not in the midst of it all.  We live in the north west zone of Nigeria and the main problem is in the north east zone. The fearful part is that it can shift to any part of the country, but with God we are in safe hands no matter what happens.  I sometimes fear for my son who is in the University in Kano, and my daughter and parents who are in Jos, but despite all we would survive.  At least my son is home safe for now. 

You can send me mails without any problems.  My major problem here are electricity and internet network stability.  I have a whole pile of mails right now to read because I go for days before I can read my mails and also have the luxury of replying them at the same time.  Today the network is stable and fast enough for me to attach a photograph of me at my friends' daughter's introduction (the groom and his family came to formally introduce themselves and their intention to take her as a wife).  I would have liked to send you more pictures but I am not sure if it would not bug your system.  Maybe I should add one more.  In the first picture we were bringing the bride to be for the groom and his family to identify, if she is the girl they want, and in the second picture I was kneeling down to be prayed for as one of the guests at the occasion.  Sitting beside me is the mother of the bride who is my friend and colleague in the office.  I guess I have to go before the network stalls and I cant send you the mail again. Greet my friends for me.

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