What you are looking at is the latest design for our eBulletin, including new links to our website Home Page, Archived eBulletins, and Archived Stories.  Please let me know what you think here.
More importantly, our Club decided at the AGM on December 5th to limit access to the eBulletin to members only, i.e. internet users will no longer see a button on the website Home Page linked to our eBulletin or previously published stories.  Also, I will no longer
send Friends of the Club the same e-mail you receive weekly, regarding the publication of the latest eBulletin.  Instead, I will send them an e-mail with a link to the updated website Home Page on a weekly basis.  This way we care share members only information more freely and still promote our Club through our friends.  Nothwithstanding these restrictions, there is no doubt that a non-member could access an eBulletin with some determined searching because there is nothing truly private on the internet.
Previously, it was always a bit iffy when I chose to include a story on the Home Page and the eBulletin; now I can be more at ease when including a story that is a little more revealing of the issues we are dealing with, e.g. like the Medical Equipment story in this issue, and/or personal in the eBulletin, considering that it is for members only.  Stories on the Home Page will continue to feature guest speakers, and accentuate the successes and celebrations of our Club.
So you will see a different "tone" in each publication, still written by the same "Tony".  smiley