From John Oldham:
Following is a letter from Natasha Rychlik, Director of the My Path Program.  Natasha presented to our club in May of 2019.  She has since sent us an email asking if we would consider a partnership with the My Path program with a focus on either or both of, sponsorship and mentorship.
The club services committee discussed this request in December and supported the idea of investigating further this partnership.
At this point we need to see who might be interested in having an initial meeting with Natasha to further explore exactly what this means.  If possible we would love to have a club member become the Champion of this project.  
Please let John Oldham know if you would be interested in being the Champion of this project or just interested in participating in a meeting with Natasha.  He will arrange a meeting in January.
July 17, 2019
ROTARY CLUB of Spruce Grove
Shotz Lounge 221 Jennifer Heil Way Spruce Grove AB
MY PATH LEARNING SOCIETY 4300 43 Street Stony Plain AB
Dear Rotarians,
I’m delighted to have begun a relationship with the Rotary Club of Spruce Grove in 2019 and to have shared the My Path Program with you all in May. The My Path Program aligns with the Rotary Club as it directly instills a sense of community, service, and friendship as a part of the daily learning curriculum. The My Path Program is a non-profit organization supported by a board made up of active citizens in this region. Learn more here about the My Path Program.
On behalf of the 70 children and youth attending Connections For Learning school, we would like to inquire about how to deepen our relationship with Rotarians. We are especially interested in trying to launch a scholarship program for families who cannot afford to participate in the My Path program. We are open to meeting with your team to learn about how to formalize this financial request of the Rotarians. We would also be interested in creating a formal mentorship role with Rotarians who might be interested in providing community leadership opportunities with the My Path students working alongside of Rotarians to learn how civic involvement benefits this region. We are thinking that there might be an interest in designing how Rotarians and students might learn together about tackling complex issues. We would like to be able to offer these scholarships by 2020-2021.
Please let us know how to proceed and thank you again for your support.
Sincerely, MY PATH Learning Society Director and Board Secretary
Natasha Rychlik and Maren Barros 780-919-3193/780-722-9641