Rotarian Elizabeth Marsh shared a powerful story of honour with our club during the Aug. 28 meeting.
At the Marsh home in Cerisy-la-Fôret, France, this past summer she and her husband hosted an event for the families of veterans who fought at and liberated the small French town following the Normandy invasions in 1944.
This year marked the 70th anniversary of that incredible piece of history and Elizabeth decided to mark it in a special way, as well, as part of the battle was fought on their property.
Prior to the event, the Marshs held a fundraiser in order to help bring the families from the U.S. to France.
The Marshs even erected a memorial to the fallen soldiers on their property.
All told, they raised 34,000 Euros, and they were able to celebrate the lives of those who bravely fought for Cerisy-la-Fôret with the people they’ve left behind.
As Elizabeth noted, this was not to be a celebration of victory, rather a celebration of this lives of loved ones lost.
She spoke of the stories they heard, the military memorabilia that was presented in honour of those veterans and the people who made the event a powerful, moving moment in each of their lives.
What follows is photos from the event, no doubt a wonderful occasion.
Thank you to Elizabeth for sharing this amazing story with us.