As you have no doubt heard India is currently trying to find their way through a horrible crisis related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The biggest issue seems to be a lack of oxygen and related ventilators.  I have heard from many throughout our district that they would like to find a way to help.  This week I was able to connect with our Rotary friends in District 7080 (Southern Ontario) on a project that they have put together.  Attached is a brief summary and options on how to contribute to this effort.  Not included in the summary is that D7080 has found a partner that is matching dollar for dollar all contributions they receive in this effort.
At the district level we working with the Rotary club of Jaipur Round Town, Rajhastan, India to help fund a global grant project to provide an oxygen plant for a local hospital which will be used not only for COVID relief but also on an ongoing basis after the pandemic.  We are providing US$20,000 from our District Designated Funds (DDF) which is being matched by the world fund and Jaipur Round Town is providing a further US$43,000 for the project.
If you want more detailed instructions on how to help please click here.