We were suitably feted by Elizabethan Catering and members of the Grove City Chorus at our Christmas Party on December 12th.  Special thanks to Rotarians Rita Sahrek and Randy Hetherington for organizing the event, to Lesley CrawfordJoanne Daniels, and Patti Zeglen for decorating the hall, and to Lyle Huston for providing the space at Diamond Grove RV Park.  Check out the video of 13 songs performed acapella by four members of the Grove City Chorus below (Randy Nerbas, Dick Barber, Frank Traviss, Jim Cochrane) and the photo album to the left of this webpage.
Note:  For some bizarre, technical reason ClubRunner 3.0 will not display photos properly while in slideshow mode in this new photo album, nor will it display the titles for each picture.  You can, however, click on and enlarge each photo while in thumbnail mode.  Oddly enough, photo albums created with 2.0 and later uploaded to 3.0 work just fine.  I have contacted Clubrunner to fix these glitches, which may or not be completed by our publication deadline.  Please bear with me.