From Judy Kesanko:
On Thursday we have a very special presentation by Goodwill Industries of Alberta called “Disability Awareness Training”. It will be of interest to us all, but because of the length of the presentation, which is about 50 minutes (including question and answer time), we are asking Rotarians to come to the meeting a little before noon, which you do anyway, to pay for your lunch and then go directly to the buffet as soon as you arrive.  If we have all eaten by about 12:30, we will be in good shape to have our presentation and be out of the meeting in good time.
President Nizar Abouchami will be able to do any Club meeting business while we are eating.
This training session will have been greatly reduced in length and specially adapted by the presenters for us, but will be of huge interest to those business people in the Club and, of course, to all of us who live in and support this community.