I am very  pleased that our Amarok School Partnership has set in motion a plan for the funding of our  Amarok School for the school year 2022 that includes 2 District Grants of $2 000.00 each.
Thanks to the Rotary Clubs of Stony Plain and Saint Albert Saint City for applying for District Grants. (for the Rotary Year of 2021-22)
The Amarok Society has been able to reduce the cost of a school to $8 000.00 per year.  With 4 clubs participating and the access of 2 District Grants of $2 000.00 each that results in each clubs contribution being $1 000.00.  For that we get the opportunity to have an Amarok School with our name on it.
Just a reminder that each school teaches 25 mothers from a slum in Bangladesh to be teachers in their own, "homes" with, an average of 5 students each. This results in education for about 125 kids and the education of 25 mothers who become teachers.  This results in the cost of education to be about $64.00 per student per year.  And of course 25 mothers get an education as well.  
Unbelievable program and benefits for those who live in some of the worst slums in the world.
Thank you to the partnership of Rotary Clubs of Stony Plain, Parkland After Dark, Spruce Grove and Saint Albert Saint City!!!
I love the partnership and the ability to access grants to support such a great benefit to the world for such a reasonable cost and provide excellent use of our donor's funds.
I would also like to thank the Munro family for their passion and leadership in helping us play a role in important world issues.