Membership in Rotary offers you avenues to explore your interests and connect with other Rotarians who share them, simply for recreation or to serve the world.
Rotary Fellowships are international groups of Rotarians who share the same hobby or interest.  Over a hundred different fellowships exist, exploring interests from 4x4 vehicles to urban gardening and everything in between.  Often these groups cost nothing to join and introduce you to people around the world through virtual and in-person meetings.  See the list of Rotary Fellowships and learn more at Rotary International's website.
Rotary Action Groups are networks of Rotarians with expertise in particular areas that focus their service efforts and mentor Rotary clubs worldwide.  Whether you have expertise in an area or want to develop it, Rotary Action Groups can connect you with some of the brightest minds in over two dozen different fields.  See the list of Rotary Action Groups and learn more at Rotary International's website.