In late September or early October every year, our Rotary District holds a conference at which members from different clubs throughout northern Alberta, north-eastern BC, north-western Saskatchewan, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories come together to be inspired.  The convention is held at different locations throughout the district every year, usually in the locality of the District Governor's club.  For many Rotarians, attendance at a district conference is a tremendous eye-opener to the scope and scale of Rotary.  You will learn lots, make many new friends, and leave with indelible memories.
Our club has a policy to pay for conference attendance, accommodation, and hotel costs for first-time conference attendees.  In addition, if money is left over in the budget for conference attendance at the end of the Rotary year, other attendees may share in reimbursement from those funds.  For more information and relevant forms, please consult our club policy or talk to our club secretary.
For more information about the next district conference, please visit the district's website at