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Spruce Grove

The Golf Cup 2022 is a seasonal tournament played in match play style, played in 2 stages: groups and play-offs. Match Play means that you are only playing against one other player at a time which means that the amount of shots don't matter but the number of holes you win or lose. For every win you will receive 1 point, for every tie you will receive 1/2 a point. The winners of each group as well as the runner-ups will then move on to the play-offs. The Golf Cup starts on June 1st, however, you and your partner decide where and when to play. You only have to play against everyone in your group of 6 players (5 games) until the end of the group stage. Please, register at our official Rotary Golf Website, too, if you haven't done so already: We hope you will have a good game and lots of fun! Thanks for joining.

Please, note: This year, we offer multiple categories to compete in. The registration fee is due for each category you have registered in.