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Thursday's Meeting (Jan. 21)
The Rotary Club of Spruce Grove supports the Amarok Society. 
At this coming Thursday’s meeting, Jan. 21st, we will have a presentation by Tanyss Munro and her son, Gabriel about our partnership and the Amarok Society.  Please plan to attend and invite anyone who you think will enjoy the presentation this week.  This is a great opportunity to show prospective members what our club is involved in and how we make a difference in the world. 
The presentation will include:
a.       A general presentation of the society and the schools they support.
b.       An update of how the schools survived during the past year of COVID.
c.       Provide a perspective of how the Amarok Society differs from traditional school support in the 3rd world.
Here is a short extract from their website.
Teaching Mothers to Teach Others
This simple concept provides a revolutionary solution to a chronic humanitarian problem.
1 in 3 of the world’s children is growing up illiterate.
How do you reach a child whose slum doesn’t have a school?
Or a girl whose father thinks education is for boys?
Or a boy who needs to be working to support his family?
When there are too many marginalizing factors between a child and their education, a school can’t reach them anymore. But their mother still can.
We empower mothers.
We open schools for mothers. Each mother then goes home and teaches her children and her neighbours’ children everything she’s learned.
Our inclusive curriculum, combined with the dedication and courage of the mothers we teach, can overcome the obstacles that poverty, religion, gender, and disability put in the way of global education.
The Rotary Club of Spruce Grove partners with the Rotary Clubs of Stony Plain, Parkland after Dark and St. Albert Saint City.
Each Amarok School costs $10 000.00 to sponsor for a year.  As mentioned above each school teaches 25 mothers in the worst slums of Bangladesh who then return to their huts and teach their own children and their neighbour’s children.  Each school teaches 25 mothers and about 125 children.  The cost is about $67.00 per person per year.  (includes mom’s and kids) The cost of our education in our community is about $11 000.00 per student.
In our partnership for the school year of 2020 we were able to access matching District Grants.  The clubs contribute a total of $5 000.00, ($1 250.00 each) which was matched by the District, ($5 000.00) for a total of $10 000.00.
This partnership has been operating for 3 years and will continue for the school year of 2021.
We are delighted to be involved in a partnership in this project and also that we are able to access matching District Grants.
For $1 250.00 a year we are able to participate in this extremely worthwhile endeavour and provide excellent benefit to our community’s contributions.  The partnership and matching grants provide the structure to make a considerable contribution to the Amarok Society for a minimal community contribution.
Thank you card from Wings.
Tony Zeglen wanted to pass these photos along so everyone can see the thank-you card we received from Wings!  Great job everyone!  We made a big difference to some folks who really needed it.  
Friday Fun Curling!
FYI for when Curling starts back up again:
Our Rotary Club has entered a curling team in the Friday Fun League at the Spruce Grove Curling Club.  Any Rotarians who would like to curl on Friday night at 7:00 PM any time in the upcoming weeks can sign up using the following link.  You don't have to commit to curling every week - only as often as you want, and, more importantly, no experience necessary!  If you're interested in learning the game, keeping in practice, or just coming out for some fun, it's a great experience.  The curling club has implemented protocols consistent with provincial public health orders and Curling Canada's guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19 transmission, so you can stay safe and stay connected to the game and the people you love.  We hope to see you out!
IMPORTANT: New Zoom Link for Weekly Meetings
Zoom has changed its security settings and that has necessitated that we change the link to the weekly meetings.  This new link will remain the same every week, so keep it handy.  If you ever forget it, you can visit and click About Our Club - Meeting Info and Location.
If you already have the Zoom app on your device, you can join by entering the meeting ID and password.
Meeting ID: 8320 2844 582
Password: 658203
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Thanks everyone!!!!
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