(received via Anne, member of the COVID-19 Relief Committee)
Good morning Anne.  I wanted to update you on our Laptop initiatives that the Rotary Sponsorship has helped to develop.  I am very pleased to say that TriCALA has secured 2 Smart WiFi Hubs to provide internet service to those who require it along with the use of our laptops.  Also, in partnership with Parkland County Libraries, we have started a new initiative called Tech Drive, where we will take our internet and laptops to where they are needed.  Both initiatives have been made possible with the donation from Spruce Grove Rotary.  We were able to secure the Hubs, purchase tables and chairs, and a portable power supply for our Tech Drive and get both initiatives off the ground.  We are very grateful to your sponsorship to both these initiatives.
Brenda Adams, Executive Director
Tri-Community Adult Learning Association