Two representatives of Alberta Health Services’ Tomorrow Project spoke to our club during the Aug. 14 meeting.
When they finished, they had already convinced a few members to get on board, including President Victor Moroz and Barry Twynam.
The Tomorrow Project is a study of 50,000 cancer-free Albertans between the ages of 35 and 69 in order to determine if there is some sort of predictable genetic trait for developing cancer.
AHS expects that nearly half of the participants will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, considering that half of Albertan men will develop cancer and one-third of Albertan women will develop cancer in their lives.
The project tracks people over a 50-year period and has been in existence since 2001.
Rotarian Randy Hetherington has been part of this project since the beginning and AHS is hoping to reach their goal of 50,000 people soon (already have 48,000 signed up).
You can register online at or by calling 1-877-919-9292.
The Tomorrow Project is holding a mobile clinic at the brand new Holiday Inn Express in Spruce Grove starting today (Sept. 8 until Sept. 10).
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