Without volunteer support, the largest cycling competition in Canada wouldn't be possible in Alberta.
Representatives from the Tour of Alberta came to our meeting on Aug. 6 to discuss the incredible event that will put Spruce Grove on display for the world.
Below: Darwin Park, who is volunteering for the Tour of Alberta and an avid cyclist, appeared at a club meeting during the last Rotary year to get our club ready for the upcoming race.
Not only will some of the top cyclists in the world be sprinting through our city's streets, but regular Joe cyclist will also have a chance to check out the race course before the riders arrive in the tri-area on Sept. 6.
That 40-kilometre self-guided tour of the tri-region will conclude at the same finish line that the professionals will later that day.
It starts at 9 a.m. and you must be finished no later than noon and costs $30.
But then the real excitement begins, and that's where the volunteerism component is most important.
There was some discussion as to whether our club will formally support this event as volunteers.
Please contact Barry Twynam if you are able to, or register yourself at this link.