Adapted from ClubRunner Connect (December, 2013):


There are numerous reasons members choose to leave a Club:  sometimes it is due to relocation or conflict in schedule, other times it could be because of lack of leadership opportunities and motivation.  Sometimes it is very difficult to gain the respect you deserve as a leader within a Club.  Yet we are all leaders in our profession and/or community, that is why we were invited to join our Club.  At the end of the day, the qualities of all members in our Club will motivate each other to work harder to achieve goals and remain part of the club.


Leadership is a quality that comes naturally to some, while others have to work very hard to be effective leaders.  A good member-leader knows that it's not about them - it's about the club, club members, and the work the club does. 



Here are five common attributes of successful member-leaders that can help keep all members engaged and motivated:

  1. Listening and then listening some more

    As a member, listening is a top quality to have.  It makes fellow Club members feel comfortable to approach and confide in you about things they like or dislike about our Club.   It also makes everyone feel like their ideas are heard, which is why members will want to share more ideas about activities and projects our Club can partake in.  Being able to listen and ask questions to find out more about the wants of fellow Club members will increase trust amongst Club members and in turn help our Club flourish and grow.

  2. Taking a stand and not being afraid of being wrong

    As part of the membeship, you have to make decisions and take stands, whether it means you are supporting the ideas of your fellow Club members or trying to gain support for an idea of your own.  Supporting the ideas of others and taking a stand for an idea of your own is great, but the important part is knowing when your decision is wrong and then graciously backing away. 

  3. Boosting confidence in others

    A lot of times members leave a Club because they don't feel appreciated, become de-motivated or aren't given the opportunity to participate in projects in the way they had hoped.  A good fellow member recognizes the power of recognition and tries to always boost confidence in others by celebrating Club accomplishments through other members.  Acknowledging the work of others and celebrating it together with our Club is a simple and easy way to boost member confidence, in that you validate that we are all doing great work.

  4. Asking for help

    Asking for help shows you respect that individual's expertise and judgement.  It makes the person on the other end feel more important and part of a team.  It brings forth a sense of unity and, as such, you show other Club members that their ideas, suggestions, and ability to share their feedback on whatever the topic at hand may be, is important and will be heard.

  5. Owning mistakes

    As a member-leader, there is no doubt that we will experience failure.  Rather than playing the blame game and pointing fingers, accept the mistake as a whole Club and acknowledge the lesson(s) learnt.  Share how that experience can be a lesson moving forward and how such mistakes can be avoided.  Members will respect each other for not putting other Club members down for small mistakes and will be proud to be part of a Club where they are shown that even when mistakes are made, the Club sticks together as a family, just as you do in times of celebrations.

Just like in the workplace, members work harder and are happier when all members help motivate others and appreciate the work of others. Club members will feel a sense of pride in themselves and as a whole.


This is my opinion and if you'd like to tell me what you think, please do so here.