Rotary is...
It was interesting to read about our Rotary International President-elect, Ian Riseley, in an interview in the March edition of the Rotarian and his answer to the question, "If a young person asked you why he or she should join Rotary what, in order, would you say?"  My comments here are the short version.  For the full version go to the March edition of The Rotarian.
1.  "The first one is friendship.  Rotary offers the opportunity to meet people in a semi-social environment and also achieve good things."
2.   "The second is personal development.  "...being involved in Rotary means that you're a friendly environment to get experience speaking, running meetings, motivating people, all that sort of thing."
3.   "The third is business development.  We've shied away from this over a period of time, and I don't believe we should."
4.    "The fourth one, and by far the most important is the chance to make a difference in the world."
I have had a very short form of answering this question for myself.  Rotary until now has been, fellowship and service.  Maybe now my view of Rotary has been expanded.  It has definitely, for me, also been a place of personal development!!  Interesting.  What does Rotary mean to you?  How would you answer the question put to our President-elect, Ian Riseley?