For those of you who haven’t yet had the chance to sit down and read it, I highly recommend the August 2014 edition of Rotarian Magazine.
You can read through a few of the features online, if that’s easier.
Something I really connected with was a story on how our society takes water for granted.
Alberta made an appearance in this edition of the magazine, with the way in which Rotarians have stepped up to aid flood victims in southern Alberta.
I also loved this story about a young man who grew up around Rotary thanks to his father’s involvement in a club in the United States. The boy was one of the most brilliant young minds in the country and he was given the chance to thrive thanks to the help of Rotarians.
Lastly, here’s a story I’m sure you will all connect with because we are “this close” to ending polio. The story came about as a result of Southeast Asia being certified polio-free.
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