The Board was pleased to meet with District 5370 Governor Betty Screpnek on October 31st and these were the highlights of that meeting.

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Club Administration Director Tony Zeglen presented a report in writing that the Open House PowerPoint/video was updated to October 16th; four Humanitarians in Spruce Grove ads have been completed and November will feature AnnLisa Jensen; Public Relations projects posted on the District 5370 Data Base include the 20th Anniversary President History Video project, Memory Album project, and the Open House PowerPoint/video project, and the Membership Mentoring program; the Rotary District 5360/5370 Curling Bonspiel promotional video has been completed; and Brad Mastaler was locating a digital copy of our Club flag.  In terms of Membership, we have inducted six new members in this Rotary Year, two others were approved as proposed members, five new members have been introduced to ClubRunner, and a second Fireside will take place in early December focusing on International Service and hosted by Director Neil Hollands.

Brad Mastaler reported on behalf of Community Service Director Barry Twynam that various community projects have been approved and cheques are being written; Highway Clean-up and Rotary Park Clean-up were completed; and Club members have been challenged to contribute to Auggie’s Café matching grant fund for kitchen renovations. 

International Service Direct Neil Hollands reported that the Committee has a budget of $36,000; a matching grant initiative for shipping medical equipment to Nigeria is on hold; our Club supports the Children of Ecuador projects; and the Committee is working on establishing evaluation criteria for granting funds and establishing a long term planning strategy.

Youth Service Director Randy Hetherington reported that he has attended two Interact Meetings, that group is looking to fund raise for an organization that supports women’s right to an education, and the new executive is in place and moving forward (tentatively), recruitment drive continues and they have 12 members; the Vocational Visit to Parkland School Division took place on October 3rd, 2013, highlighting public education for youth ages 2.5 – 20 in Parkland County, with a specific focus on integration of technology and a detailed look into the largest school bus operation in the province; new member Thomas Miller has been added to the committee; Shari Roszmann has assumed responsibility for Adventures programs and RYLE, RYPEN and RYLA (RYLE 2014 – May 1 - 4, 2014 at Camp Nakamun, RYPEN 2014 – May 7 – 11, 2014 at Camp Warwa; RYLA 2014 – September 27 – 29, 2013 in Edmonton); the Committee was approached by Aaron Grenke from Living Waters Christian Academy for support of their Mission trip to Guatemala (a prezi presentation on this request was made available to Board members for consideration and discussion; contact was made with 4th Spruce Grove Scouts to contribute $1500.00 and continue our sponsorship of this organization (they will prepare their charter for signing in the next few weeks); initial planning for the Speech Arts competition is underway; and our scheduled speaker for September 26 (Kaileigh Feist) did not show up.  Pending items include:  Aboriginal Initiative (District 5370) information received; meetings held with past participants regarding RYE to be discussed; and Youth submission to website and sponsorship of Club newsletter.

Vocational Service Director Ray Frayne reported that the Committee is working on Vocational visits (completed one in October), and planning others for January and February; representatives of the Spruce Grove and District Chamber of Commerce attended a meeting in October; and we hope to educate their members about the Rotary Club of Spruce Grove.

Past President Angus McKenzie reported on plans to present a report to the Club about the history of the Trail project.  The Club has the trail money in our account.  We must now submit an application to change the grant’s designation and also apply for an extension.  All financial information concerning this project must be submitted by December 30th, 2014.

President Elect Victor Moroz reported that he attended the President Elect training at the District Conference which instilled in him that continuity in the Club is important to insure we move forward with things we planned to do in the previous year, but did not complete due to time constraints, and that he will be attending the Rotary International Conference in Australia.

Rotary Foundation Director Brad Mastaler reported that our Club has a lifetime donation of $91,260 including 20 Paul Harris Fellows, two Bequests, three Benefactors, 37 Rotarian Donors, and 11 Non-Rotarian Donors; our giving goal is $3130 US (per capita less than $100 per member); and this year we added a line to our billing statements asking for at least a $10.00 donation to the Foundation for the Every Rotarian Every Year initiative.

Secretary Lesley Crawford reported that we have 48 active members and five honourary members, and that the attendance for September was 71%.

Treasurer Jan Vanderblij reported on our Community Spirit, Casino, and Interact Club (new account set up in October) bank balances, term GIC investment, Rotary Trail reserve (new GIC set up in October and that future attention will be required to administer this fund); financial records for the 2012-2013 year submitted to Tober, Hemblings & Callihoo for their review, and that a copy of our Meeting room insurance policy and current Club By-Laws; membership dues invoicing sent out on September 23rd, 2013 with receipt at 50% to date; and our Club has given $50,000 to the Ecole Broxton Park School for their new playground and we have committed $100,000 this year for the expansion of the Parkland Food Bank.

District Governor Betty Screpnek reported that the District will send out a message concerning the establishment of a District Hospitality Room at the Rotary International Convention for one day in order to provide an opportunity for all District attendees to get together; President Elect Training is set for March 7th to 8th, 2014 at the Holiday Inn in south Edmonton; the very first meeting of a Rotary Club in Edmonton was held May 10th at Fort Edmonton and there are plans to hold a birthday celebration on that date, and Dr. Oz has been booked for Rexall Place in June as the first of a series of fundraisers to establish a Rotary Office in Fort Edmonton; and that we should put the Rotary Year theme banner on our website.