The Club received a thank you letter and photos from the "mothers of Amarok Society Spruce Grove Women's School.
February 2016
Spruce Grove Women’s School
Satarkul. Dhaka
Dear Members of Spruce Grove Rotary Club,
We are very happy and enjoying our school and education. Hope all of the club members are well.
Do you know Gem sir and his daughter Grace visited our school and many houses of mothers? They talked to the children and took their photos. We organized a ceremony in our school. In the event we talked about our feelings, teaching to children and about our learning. This is the first time such big event arranged in our school. Some leaders of our community like Rohomat Ali and Roshid Mia attended with Amarok staff. Little children recited poems, sang song and performed dancing in loud music. Mothers sang chorus songs on love to country and love to education. We all enjoyed and celebrated the day with joy and happiness.
  In our school 25 mothers study and each mother teach 5 children each. We provide pen, pencil, color pen, sharpener and eraser to our children and their parents are happy because of getting these education materials. In our school mothers’ attendance is usually good as all mother live close to our school and we love our school. In school we learn reading, writing and math also our teacher discuss with us many social & health issues. Our teacher “Sadia” is a daughter of a mother who studies in our school as student. We are proud of her. In school we become friends of each other and we help each other in our personal issues. 
We have good news one mother has joined with us who studied before in a different Amarok School; her name is “Munni”. She changes her house to our place she now comes in our school. She is a good performer and better than many of us. Our teacher “Sadia” is pregnant so sometimes she could not come to school because of her health. In those days “Munni” conducts our lessons with help of another mother. She cannot do well as our main teacher Sadia does but we like her because she is ahead of many of us in learning.
We are proud that we can read and write and able to teach our children. We had many dreams in our life but could not make that happens. Now we want to make our dreams true to educate our children.
Thank you very much to help our school, in our education and education of our children.    
Yours lovingly,
Sahanaj, Salma, Murshida, Munni, Rajia,Asma and Narjina
On behalf of mothers of Amarok Society Spruce Grove Women’s School
Satarkul, Dhaka